Project #158879 - US History 1865 Chapter Evaluation #3

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Answer the questions concisely and thoroughly in about 4–5 sentences each. (Answer each question separately; this is not an essay assignment. 

Chapter 24 Questions.

24.1 Explain why the United States entered World War I.

24.2 How did the federal government infringe on citizens’ civil liberties during World War I?

24.3 What role did American troops play in the European theater of war in 1918?

24.4 How did Woodrow Wilson’s ambitions for world peace fare at the peace treaty negotiations of Versailles?


Chapter 25 Questions. 

25.1 Explain the key principles of the Republican administrations of Harding and Coolidge.

25.2 Explain in what ways the United States isolated itself from foreign affairs in the 1920s and in what ways it didn’t.

25.3 What major social changes did the 1920s witness? Provide at least three examples.

25.4 Describe how some American groups responded to the changes of the 1920s with fear. 

Chapter 26 Questions. Choose four questions to answer.

26.1 Explain the causes of the Great Depression.
26.2 How did the Great Depression affect Americans?
26.3 How did the First New Deal provide relief to Americans?

26.4 Explain how the Second New Deal created more long-lasting changes in the American economy.

Chapter 27 Questions.

27.1 Why did the United States not enter World War II on the side of the Allies in late 1939?

27.2 How did World War II change American society at home?
27.3 Describe the Allied strategy for victory in Europe.
27.4 How did airplanes change warfare in the Pacific during World War II? 




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