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You will analyze the case study from a healthcare IT perspective. Your presentations should demonstrate your mastery of the materials covered in this course. You may need to conduct additional research or literature review on your case study.


1. Provide a 1,000 word writing about the article being assigned, which should include:


    - Summary of the main findings and implications of the paper


    - Identify whether there are any missed healthcare managerial implications and policy implications


2. Prepare a 15 – 20 PowerPoint slides on the summary of your Case Study Paper.



-Brief summary of the case study


- Identify problem

- Identify and analyze causes of the problem

- What is required to solve the problem from HIT’s managerial perspective?

- How do you solve the problem?


-Current effects of the meaningful use of information technology on health care with empirical evidence (e.g., clinical outcomes, quality of care, patient safety, patient experience/satisfaction, cost of care; feel free to look over other sources to prepare those slides)


Notes: Empirical evidence includes statistics/data, numbers, figures, graphs, cases, etc.




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