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Question 1

You are the owner of a chain of stores that sell electronics such as Televisions, VCRs, DVDs, mobile phones, thermostats, game systems, mobile DVD players, etc. You are very profitable and are considering expanding to three different locations, including opening two stores in the cities of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Argentina from your current headquarters based out of Miami, Florida. In addition to retail stores, you want to implement an additional channel for trade i.e. e-commerce which will be global in nature, and serves your customers in both US locations and South American locations. By December 2017, you will have 4 stores (2 in Miami and 2 in South America) and 1 e-commerce web portal from which you sell the same electronic goods.  

A.     Describe your e-commerce strategy, with respect to (a) linking your suppliers (b) web marketing strategy using SEO, Social media strategy, etc. (Refer Chapter 8,9,10,11,13).


B.     Describe your organizational structure and the Global Information Systems you will roll out in 2017 for your organization. Describe some of the key challenges to implementing the GIS system. (Ref Chapter 9, 10)




Question 2



Describe, how databases differ from spreadsheet based applications, using SQLITE and MS Excel. What do you think are the advantages of SQLite (or any database) over MS Excel? Provide an Example.



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