Project #159024 - Thank you Letter for Customer Service

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/06/2016 07:00 am

The task is simple and rather quick. I need to write a thank you letter for amazing customer service. You can use this as a backbone but I need it professionally written. 


I had network issues, and Brad helped me throughout the process. He kept in touch and gave me updates along the way. Bare in mind he contacted whoever he needed to contact because there were a lot of customers in the store for the same thing. He stayed positive and was proud to speak about the network and it's capabilities. He provided me excellent customer service in store and I am writing this review because out of all the years that I have shopped around different companies, the service Brad provided is impeccable. He is patient, truly cares about the customer, and I believe everyone in the company should know that they do indeed have an amazing employee. I do not know if this email will be as noticed as I think it should be, but I just wanted to express to you that Brad is an asset to your company.


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