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ASSESSMENT: CASE STUDY (35%)           

Due Week 7 – 900-1000 words (10% margin)


Select your essay topic from the Case Study Report folder on vUWS (or pages 15-16 of the Learning Guide). Once you have established your position, you should be able to map out a plan for your essay to organise your argument and evidence and set up clear relationships between your points.


Remember, planning is a crucial stage in the essay writing process, so do not skimp on time spent doing this!


What does an essay plan look like?


Essentially, it is the framework from which the main body of your essay is built. The essay plan should consist of a paragraph by paragraph outline of the points and assertions you wish to make, including relevant and supporting evidence, explanations, and opinions.


There are many ways to create a plan and, generally speaking, how you format it is entirely up to you. The important thing is that it is useful and helps you to get started on the drafting process.


Take some time to:

a.           Reflect on the essay question (note the key concept and instruction word, and then establish how broad or limiting the question is).

b.           Consider your thesis (your position on the topic) and then write this down.

c.            Select the main ideas that support your thesis.

d.           Decide on the sub-topics that support/relate each of these main ideas.

e.           Organise the main ideas in a logical sequence by using headings to indicate the topic for each paragraph and sub-headings to indicate each supporting idea (Note, headings are NOT normally used in essays).

f.             Consider how you want to order these ideas and how they can be linked together logically. For example:

·      Most important to least important D

·      General to specific D

·      Comparison/contrast

·      Cause and effect


Note:      If there are 8 references in the reference list then there should be at least 8 corresponding in-text citations.

              Students can use more than one source (in-text citation) to support a single idea.


              Your essay response for this assignment for this assessment  MUST have between 5 to eight scholarly references.


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