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CJ101 16 – Final Assignment 

CJ101 FA16 – Final Assignment

In a well-organized essay please analyze the most promising program currently in existence to reduce recidivism.  I have provided you with no sources, consult the 11/22/16 online assignment posted by you and your peers to determine what program you believe is the most effective.  In order to arrive at your conclusion you should look at the cost to run the program vs. costs saved by the program (real or estimated), the number of inmates that can participate, the benefits to the inmates and to society as a whole, they types of crimes that would decrease as a result of the program and the impact of the reduced crime on both crime victims and society as a whole, how is the success (or failure) of the program measured?, and finally can the program be replicated in most correctional systems that house similar inmates to those represented in the existing program?  No matter which program you choose it is you job to convince me that your program will have the greatest impact using quotes from credible sources to support your argument.


 some programs that you can choose from: 

- Education about Police wider Objectives

- Community policing is the best way to prevent crimes

- Application of Alternate Methods of Crime Deterrence

- Collaborative Efforts with the Community 

- Holding Individual Police to Account

Technology and Policing

- Police Exercise of Discretion

- Looking at areas of special concern is also a good way to prevent crimes


Length:                5 - 6 pages (At least 5, no more than 6)

Font Size:            12

Font:                    Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial

Line Spacing:      Double

Citations:             APA formatting


Please include at least five (5) credible sources to support your argument using APA formatting for the citations.



+ The presentation will consist of a POWERPOINT presentation (files must be .ppt or .pptx), (4-5) slides, the first slide will be a title page and the remaining will be the substance of your presentation.  There are no citations necessary for your powerpoint because all of the information will be taken from your paper.  Your paper will properly cite all sources. so it can be headnotes because the presentation only for 2-3 minutes.  




 please MAKE IT SIMPLE WORDS AS international student writing** 

and try to do it carefully it's the Final  


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