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You have to Write 3 pages about 2 different articles with your own words and here are the articles:-

It should be (double spaced 12 pt. Times New Roman or Cambria font) response to these Article

I uploaded them on the File.


1- First Artical Cooper, Marianne (2000). Being the "go-to-guy": Fatherhood, masculinity, and the organization of work in Silicon Valley. Qualitative Sociology, 23, 379-405.



2-Second Artical:   “If Men Could Menstruate” by Gloria Steinem



Here are the instructions: -


1.              ARGUMENT.  What is the author’s central argument?


2.              EVIDENCE.  What do you consider to be the readings’ most compelling evidence mobilized in support of their argument? Explain how that evidence works to support the analysis.


3.              SURPRISE. Identify something that surprised you or challenged a priori understandings that you had, something that you would have found hard to believe. In other words, WHY are you surprised?


4.              CONFIRM.  Something that confirms what you already know. (i.e. something that doesn’t surprise you at all.)


5.              CURIOUS. Identify or discuss something that you would like to know more about. You might mention one or more cited sources.


6.              HELP. A Term or phrase/concept perhaps a theoretical argument that you find helpful/inspiring. It helped you to better understand the analysis presented. 


7.              CONFUSE.  Something that you don’t understand: this could be a term, an idea, an argument, a passage (feel free to list a page or paragraph that you don’t’ understand).



8.              CONNECT. Something from this reading that relates to another reading, documentary film and/or discussion from this class.


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