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Assignment 1:


Access via through the Hannon Library website one of the following documentary films:


Thin Ice – The Inside Story of Climate Science The Immigration Paradox


Assualted: Civil Rights Under Fire


Without a Home


GTFO – Get the F**k Out – Women in Gaming


As you watch the film, take notes, including specific quotations you find insightful, impactful, or strongly opinionated. These can be quotes you either agree or disagree with. Note the speaker and the time of the film in which they occur.


Provide the following information:

Who is the author, what are his/her/their credentials, and are they biased (if so, how?) What is the stance of the film, the intended audience, its purpose?

Does the film present fact, opinion, or both? Does the film come off as more factual or opinionated? Give specific examples.

What kind of evidence is offered? Give specific examples. What is the larger context of the film?

Finally, give a short summary of the film (200–300 words) and whether or not you agree with the stance of the film and why.


Assignment 2:


Use the Hannon Library website to access an article from an academic journal. The article must be related to one of the topics in the class text (pick a journal about the importance of astronomy). Provide a precise citation for the source. Show the exact path you used on the library website to access the article. I should be able to follow the same path and access the same article. If I cannot find it, no extra credit will be given. Once you have accessed the article, read it and answer the following:

Who is the author of the article?

What are the author's credentials?

Might the author be biased? If so, how?

What kind of evidence is provided in the article? Give specific examples. What is the larger context of the article?


Finally, give a short summary of the article (200–300 words) and whether or not you agree with the argument or conclusions presented and why.


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