Project #159069 - Managing Services

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/12/2016 02:00 pm

Title      Designing and improving the service process:  (Airbnb, Define and evaluate out the process for registering residential accomodation on the trading site using the address postcode NW1 5LS, 35 Marylebone Road, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP OR LIST YOUR ACCOMODATION). 

PDF Format document named:
Your First Name_Your Surname_Managing_Services_Assessment_2 

Structure must be as follows:

Title page, contents page, page numbers, 1.5 line spacing, normal margins, Arial 12 point font, references and appendix items. 2500 words     PDF document

You must demonstrate:

  • A critical understanding of all aspects of service design
  • The ability to analyse and evaluate the development process of product and service design
  • The ability to appraise the detail elements contained within a service specification
  • The ability to write in a business-like manner with a good standard of presentation

Note: To attain a higher mark you must apply the elements of service design that are appropriate to the content of the report


Report sections in bold – use these as the section headings (word counts for each section are just a guide)


  1. Terms of reference - Purpose of the report – define the reason that this report is being written and the overall contents that it will contain in the form of an executive summary – if you find this difficult use the detail on page 1 to set the scene overall and then establish the list of topical areas/theoretical perspectives that the work will include.   200-250 words.
  2. Service offerings: the critical factors of success, measurement and achievement of performance objectives.  Sub- headings are advised and should be numbered 2.1; 2.2 etc.   Introduce and evaluate theories as specifically relevant to the service process you have been allocated with regard to the inputs and outcomes; the service concept; the service provided; and the service received.   You should begin to build a clear and specific argument of the theory and you should include applied examples of how these theories are used in practice in a critical and evaluative manner.   Do not include everything as the word count will not allow this.   1000 words.
  3. Evaluation of the specific service process: findings, conclusions, recommendations and implications of these on the given service overall.  Sub- headings are advised and should be numbered 3.1; 3.2 etc.   Provide a review of the given service process and a conclusion of the improvements that are required in order to better meet customer expectations.  Here you will consider the customer journey and the emotions experienced.  The recommended changes to the value proposition may be major or minor depending on the current service design outcomes and the service perception that you have determined from the empirical research whilst undertaking the service process.  Also the scope on the recommendations will be dependent on the level of knowledge and understanding of the service process as determined via the empirical research process.  You should determine a critical set of strategic objectives for service improvement for the given service provider and the implications that these have on the wider organisation and current resource capability. 1000 words
  4. Conclusion – Draw together the most critical points of the whole report.  This should enable a reader to review this section and be able to gather and understand the abstract view of the argument and conclusions.  It should not contain any new ideas. 300 words.
  5. References (no less than 12 academic and credible sources which should be drawn from the recommended reading and supplemented with your own choices from a relevant context).  Not included in the word count.
  6. Appendix items – these must be copied into the main word document prior to conversion to PDF document and uploaded as one item.  Not included in the word count.


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