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Discussion question 1

Companies in Crisis.  Please respond to the following:

  • Choose a company with which you are familiar and identify three important issues facing that company. Explain in detail why these issues are important.
  • Choose one of the issues you identified in the previous topic. Propose how each step in the issue management process (see “Issues Management” in Chapter 19) can help the firm deal with this issue.


Discussion question 2

Planning for a Crisis.  Please respond to the following:

  • Successfully handling a crisis often depends on how well the firm has planned for the crisis in advance. Choose one crisis affecting a business that has been widely reported in the media. Explain in detail the ways in which this crisis could affect the business.
  • For the crisis you discussed in the previous topic, explain in detail how the five crisis planning issues (Chapter 19, “Planning in a Crisis”) could have helped the firm deal with the crisis.


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