Project #159120 - The Acceptance of Certain Women In Sports

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TOPIC: Addressing the acceptance of women participating in such sports as boxing versus traditional sports such as tennis and other sports. To show the evolution begin with what were deemed acceptable in one era, say 1970s and compare it with today with women in MMA and boxing.


Please Be Sure To Include: Events or persons or ideas or the combination of the two that are separated by at least a decade.


This essay should focus on defining the two acts, explaining their role within history, and then expound upon the significance of these events in relation to the broader history of sports in the United States. Within this essays I am looking for how well you apply learned terminology, theories, and course concepts and establish a supported perspective. Your position needs support from experts and/or authors who have previously written on the topic, in other words reliable academic resources. Proper MLA/Chicago style formatting and citation is required as well as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. 



Please Be Sure To Include Supporting Info From:  "Sports in Industrial America: 1850-1920. 2nd. Ed."


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