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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/10/2016 04:00 pm

Imagine you are running for US Senate in 2018 and creating your website. What are the themes of your campaign? What’s your slogan? Whose interests will you promote? What’s your platform?

 Write about what you think is wrong with the economy today, and what current practices outrage you, synthesizing the course content. Then write the economic policy sections of your campaign website, including some rhetoric and policy proposals for the major topics covered in the course (campaign finance rules; jobs and unions; debt; global trade; regulating Wall Street; taxes and public sector spending); for any other economic problems that concern you; and for inequality overall.

Feel free to be wildly idealistic or cautiously realistic and electable in your platform and campaign promises; feel free to create a human persona for your candidate-self that’s either similar to your student-self or very different. It’s up to you how creative or straightforward you are - but be consistent throughout the “campaign website.”

1500 to 2500 words of text. Graphic images welcome but optional. 

Grading criteria: Timeliness, completeness, thoughtfulness, clarity, use of terms on the Key Concepts definitions list, and writing quality. A 9.5 or 10-point (A-level) paper will have specific policy recommendations on all five major topics, with rationales for each position; will show creativity and thought in portraying you as a candidate with a consistent political philosophy; will reflect learning from the readings and the course, and understanding of the economic policy debates likely to come before the US Senate; will accurately use 5 or more Key Concept terms; and will be coherently organized and eloquently written, in a format and style that’s a good imitation of a campaign website.


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