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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/09/2016 11:59 pm

I need a presentation about personal work experience. Since I dont have any work experience, I need you to make one for me. Please follow the following requirements:

1. 10 slides Powerpoint.

2.This company has to be in China..

3.Intro has to include:-Who  where why what and when.

4. Introducing 4P: Product, Price, Place, Promotion

5.A story about this company or work experience.

6.Customer engagement

7.How's revenue grown.


It does not have to be very perfessional, because I am just an International freshman student. A startup or small business company would be better for me. You may need to do some research about it, coz it have to be a Chinese company.

I need a speech with it. This is really important. I really need a speech for the powerpoint and presentation.


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