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Chapter 6 Business Strategy: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Integration


1. Does your selected business have differentiated products or services? If so, what is the basis for this differentiation from the competition?

2. Does your firm have a cost-leadership position in this business? If so, can you identify which cost drivers it uses effectively to hold this position?

3. What is your firm's approach to the market? If it segments the market, identify the scope of competition it is using.

4. Using the answers to the preceding questions, identify which generic business strategies your firm is employing. Is the firm leveraging the approprate value and cost drivers for the business strategy you identified? Explain why or why not.

5. Each business strategy is context-dependent. What do you see as positives and negatives with the selected business strategy of your firm in its competitive situation?

6. What suggestions do you have to improve the firm's business strategy and strategic position?


Chapter 7 Business Strategy: Innovation and Entrepreneurship


1. What is the firm's innovation strategy? Does it rely on incremental or radical innovations? Disruptive or architectural? What are the competitive implications of the firm's innovation strategies?

2. What attributes describes the current major customer segment for your firm? Are these changing? If so, is your firm prepared to meet these new customer demands?

3. How does your firm organize for innovation? Does it use a closed or an open innovation approach? Is it current approach working out well, or does it need changing? If yes, how?


Chapter 8 Business Strategy: Vertical Integration and Diversification



1. Draw out the vertical value chain fpr your firm's industry. List the major firms in each important activity along the chain

2. Is your firm highly vertically integrated? If yes, does it also employ taper integration?


3. Are any of the vertical value chain operations off-shored? If so, list some of the pros and cons of having this part of the value chain outside the home country.

4. Use the preceding vertical value chain to identify the corporate strategy of the firm. In order words, where within the industry has the firm chosen to compete? Based on where it competes, describe what you now see as its corporate strategy.


Based on these questions, write an essay about the company T-Mobile. Every question have to write something about the company T-Mobile


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