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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/08/2016 12:00 am

I need 7 short essays seperately (at least 7 pages double spaced in total) on each of the following topics: 

Adam Smith

  1. What is the role of self-interest, according to Smith in setting capitalism into motion? What is the meaning of the “invisible hand”? Why Smith objected to the motion of an activist government and what specific functions did he envision as being appropriate?


  1. Describe Smith’s logic in regard to the determination of wages, profits, and rents.


Thomas Malthus

  1. Present a complete and analytical account of Malthus’s population theory.


David Ricardo 

  1. Present Recardo’s theory of rent.


Karl Marx

  1. Provide an account of Marx’s theory of historical materialism. What is the precise relationship of the superstructure with the economic base? How these three elements interact in bringing historical change?


  1. Present Marx’s theory of value and theory of exploitation.



  1. Present Marx’s law of the tendency of the falling rate of profit and explain in the context of it the creation of the reserve army of unemployed.
  2.  Mercantilism

    What was the ultimate goal of the mercantilist philosophy and why this goal was considered radical at the time? What type of exports/imports did they encourage/discourage and what was the impact on the domestic working population?

Citations (in-text and bibilography page) are needed. 

NO PLAGIARISM is a must!  


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