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Please answer all questions within the discussion and ensure they are answered in third person.


The paper by Beverly Hancock titled “Trent Focus for Research and Development in Primary Health CarePreview the documentView in a new window” gives further explanations of qualitative research techniques and procedures primarily using health care examples. Read and study this paper and answer the questions as you go through the paper. After you complete your reading, go to the Module 8 Discussion Board and answer the following questions.

Discussion Topic:

  1. At the end of Section 2 of the article, the author gives four research problem examples and asks you to determine the most appropriate qualitative method for each problem. Pose a problem related to your work environment that would be appropriate for qualitative research, and determine the most appropriate qualitative method of the four discussed in Section 2. Explain briefly why would you use that technique.
  2. In Section 3, the author discusses interviews, focus groups, and observation. Suppose you want to use a focus group for the problem you described in Question 1 above. Briefly answer the following:
  • What is the geographical spread of your potential participants?
  • Are there any specific inclusion criteria for selecting participants? Is so, briefly explain the criteria.
  • Where or how could you obtain a list of potential participants?
  • Are there preexisting groups and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using those groups?



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