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DPR 100

Final, Project 2016  

1. The DPRI00 Final

The Project Scope is to prepare a Powerpoint Presentation that more deeply explores the processes, methods and tools used in your previous work. For example, previous topic was "Database Design", your Final Project Presentation would explain the database structure, and detail the software development life cycle including the following process steps:

a. System Requirements and Specifications h. Analysis

Conceptual Design

Implementation Design

Physical Scheme Design


The Database Design  would further explain how the database could be created by using SQL (implementing the database), populating the tables (Use SQL statements to populate each table with specific data -such as employee names, ages, wages etc.), Query the database, apply key & data integrity rules, relationships etc. At the minimum I expect an input, computation, (a system design or how the process works) and an output system (outcome).

When creating the Powerpoint presentation, the following must be included:

Minimum of 4 topic slide

Apart from the topic slides you should have the following formatted slides:

1. Cover

II.      Introduction

ill. Summary

IV. Closing

V. References

MLA or AP A formatting is required (in-text citations or footnotes). You can include these in the speaker

notes. Remember that most of the information you are sharing is research and must be referenced.

Choose a design that is relevant to the topic and easily readable when projected.

Insert at least 3 pictures (clip-art or original pictures) into the slides 1'. Use at least 3 animation techniques

g. Insert either a table or chart into one of the slides

write a one page essay the topic slides prepared.


The grading is 100% upon completion This project is a requirement.








the Final Project is typically a group project. Since this is a 7 week on line class I have modified the project and have given you examples of former students projects. As you will see there was 34% of the grade given for group performance. Well, I am giving you the 34% up front. Do well on this final project. As a watch out copying or duplicating the examples will result in an F for the class


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