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View the video, Enterprise Risk Management. and read the article, Integrating Sustainability into Enterprise Risk Management..

In week 1 we observed complexities and expansive nature of risk. This week we will look at the "enterprise" to better understand the methods that an organization may deploy to manage the many silos of risk. In week 1 we experienced single silos of risk that were identified and managed on their own merits. Enterprise Risk Management  looks at a number of risks silos to understand the impacts of interacting silos of risk and their affects on the organization. See illustration below. 

                                                 Operational Risk + Financial Risk =  Organizational Strategic Initiatives ( if the operational cost are high, how will this financially impact the organizations ability                                                                                                                                                                                      to meet its strategic goals)

This weeks discussion post is about the students Enterprise Risk Management. For example; Going to school to complete your degree will theoretically allow for higher earning power which temporarily depletes discretionary funds and the long term affects on your quality of life.

Discussion Post : Your initial post will include a meaningful discussion emphasizing and identifying your personal and/or professional risk silos. Describe in your post the interactive behavior, the action taken to manage the risk, and a probable outcome. 200 words


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