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pick any SIX out of the following questions.. Each Answer has a 300 words limit.  Spelling and grammatical error are not acceptable. Concepts must be clearly defined then explained and then examples can be used for further clarification. 

  1. How does social class impact one’s health in our society?
  2. Identify the three types of social mobility and distinguish the differences between them.
  3. What is globalization and how is it changing the job market locally and globally?
  4. What are the changes our education system needs in order to meet the challenges of the changing labor market?
  5. What is your reaction to the slogan “Black Lives Matter” is the light of your chapter on race and ethnicity.
  6. How does race and class play a role in growth and development of an individual in American society.
  7. How realistically can we bring back the manufacturing jobs. Give the pros and cons of doing so.
  8. What are the similarities and differences between the caste and estate form of stratifications.


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