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Preface: In the Preface Essay, you will describe the full range of materials that you consulted, the decision-making process you used to decide on the five best and most representative sources, your reasons for believing your anthology to be a comprehensive and expert summation of the topic, and the most important ideas you learned about both the topic AND the research process. The purpose of this preface is to persuade a reader that your anthology provides high quality information on the research question you asked.  Ideally, you want a reader who is interested in the same question to think: "Aha, this anthology would help me answer this question for myself."  This essay should be at least 900 words long.




Professor's Note: Assessing the Preface




How I Will Assess Your Preface Essays


The essay at the beginning of your anthology serves as a preface to the "book" you are creating about your topic.

The preface of an anthology typically describes what is in the book, the choices the editor made in assembling the book, and the reasons for those choices. I will use the following five point criteria when I read your preface essays. I recommend that you "test" your essay against these criteria.

Does the essay discuss the full range of materials consulted on this topic?

Has the student adequately described the decision-making process used to decide on the five best and most representative sources?

Has the student discussed the reasons for believing the anthology to be a comprehensive and expert summation of the topic?

Has the student included the most important ideas learned about the topic? If the anthology is meant to be persuasive, has the student taken a stand? If it meant to be explorative, do I know what the student learned?

Has the student discussed what was learned about the research process?








Post your Preface Essay(900 words).  Write a thoughtful, detailed essay which explains your anthology to a prospective reader. 


Imagine a reader who is interested in the same research question that you are, and who is looking for materials that will help him him/her answer the question.  You have done the legwork for this reader, and now you want to convince him/her to use your anthology.


Explain why your anthology is a great source of information. To persuade the reader that she can trust the information in your anthology, explain how you chose your question, how you conducted your research, how you decided which sources were high quality and which were not, how you made sure that your five sources represented a range of views on the question, and what you learned about the question yourself.


(Note:  The preface essay is about the process of preparing research on your question.  It is NOT a research essay about your topic.  For this assignment, you are not writing the research essay, only preparing to do it.)





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