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Read the attached case study about AT&T Wireless and answer questions based on the case study and class lecture and readings. 

  • Submit your answers in a single document (Word documents only). 


  1. Would you classify the CRM upgrade project at AT&T Wireless as in integration project? Why? Which layers of the organization were being integrated? Explain with examples. (10 points - Maximum length: 200 Words)
  2. What were the key business drivers for AT&T Wireless to embark on CRM upgrade project? Why were they critical? (10 points - - Maximum length: 200 Words)  
  3. Explain the changes that AT&T Wireless was trying to achieve within and outside of Siebel upgrade project on the following three fronts. strategy, structure, and culture. Analyze and classify the problems faced by AT&T wireless through this perspective. (10 points - Maximum length: 200 Words)  
  4. What were the key technological challenges? Explain each of them by relating them to integration concepts learnt in the course. (10 points - Maximum length: 200 Words)
  5. How was AT&T project managed from risk management perspective, especially when signs of trouble began to appear? What should they have done differently?  (10 points - Maximum length: 200 Words)


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