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please solve the questions below with high school level of English lungauge and there are the supjucts and tthe qustion and please all the qustions and the summary from Wall street jornal :


General Motors Bets on Chevrolet Bolt to Jump Start Market", Colias, Nov. 12

1. Why is the Chevrolet Bolt one of Mary Barra's biggest bets? Explain.

2. Why do leaders take risks? What is the impact of the risks Mary Barra is taking with the Chevrolet Bolt?

"Live Nation Testing VIP Lounges, Pricey Drinks to Lift Revenue at Concerts", Karp, Nov. 13

3. How does Live Nation make money? Why are food and drink sales at its events so important? What factors make it challenging to sell food and drinks at concerts?

4.  Besides the ideas mentioned in the article, suggest another idea that you believe could increase the average food and drink expenditure at concerts.

5. Find any BUSINESS article and summarize in 8 sentences or more, please cite appropriate info.


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