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Subject Philosophy
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/09/2016 11:05 am

2,000 words minimum, double-spaced


Pick a topic in which there is no clear-cut answer to any debate you might pose. The issues can range from such topics such as an exploration of intellectual property ownership issues to more personal subjects such as the ethical nature of your individual five-year career plan. The reality of the Final Research Paper is that you have a considerably longer length requirement than your previous writing assignment. The ideal topic would allow you to use the systems of thought that we studied as tools to truly investigate an issue without necessarily coming to a simple conclusion.

Criteria for evaluation of the research paper:

1. You will need to use a minimum of three separate sources from the assigned readings (though as always, you are invited to use more if you like). You should demonstrate in your writing that you understand the nuances of the various theorists’ positions as they explicate their philosophic stances. Be sure to use M.L.A. methods of citation when quoting or paraphrasing their writing.

2. You will need to use outside research to flesh out your debate. You should be able to demonstrate your ability to choose appropriate research materials that relate to your topic. Obviously you should avoid citing such sources as Wikipedia, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and general encyclopedias and dictionaries (though all these sources can be useful places to begin your research). Your citation materials should show they were carefully selected for their academic nature, relevance to the subject matter, and level of depth.

3. You will need to demonstrate effective writing skills. I will assess your essay on your ability to craft a successful argument that is cited correctly using M.L.A. format and free of spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. Your writing should follow an organized, well thought-out essay structure that includes a clearly stated thesis that is appropriately qualified. You should be able to state your argument in the beginning of your writing, subsequently lead your reader through logically presented supporting information, and end with an interesting conclusion that is distinct from the thesis.


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