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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/08/2016 11:00 am

This is your assigment. Briefly describe the company. What is the market, what is the problem, what is your proposed solution, how does your solution fits into the market. Use the business model canvas to organize your description.

1.     Answer this: Description of company: Problem, customer, and proposed solution described well and explicated in a well thought-out business model canvas.

A Business model canvas can be found here. Many part cannot be filled up like Cost Structure, Key Resources. Please do your best to fill up as much as you can.

attached is the Industry Analysis for the Company ( We can launching a service known as Enable, which is from a company called Dedicated Solutions.). And the financial analysis. Use this pdfs to help you out in the Description. However avoid copying word for word.


Summary: fill in the business model canvas, then rewrite out the discription in a paper. (minimum 2 pages double spaced).




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