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 3 reading analysis and response 


For each response:


4-5 pages; double spaced.

This is not a research paper. So please don't use the internet.

This essay contains four parts.

Please read the instructions attached.

Please don't use sources from the internet, the only source you can use is the article and the information given below.

I've attached the instructions and the article below. Please don't use tough words.

English is my second language so please make the essay simple and easy.



1. The first response is about Tertullian: On Female Dress AND Clement of Alexandria excerpt from Christ the       Educator.    (This is 2 different readings but please make them as one response BUT separate with the title within the essay)  -- 4 pages


2. The second response is about Origen: Excerpts from Dialogue with Heraclides AND Commentary on John.

(This is 2 different readings but please make them as one response BUT separate with the title within the essay)-- 4 pages

-- 4 pages


3. The thirds response is about the Life of Anthony. -- 4 pages


***The Only information you have besides the document attached is the following information.:


For the first response: 

* Tertullian- On Female Dress- Tertullian was one of the most prolific Latin writers of the Church. He lived in North Africa in the second half of the second century and early third century. He wrote on a wide variety of topics. In some writings, he explained and defended the faith. In other writings, such as this one he discussed  Christian practices and the Christian way of life. He is extremely valuable source of information about life in the early church. Tertullian eventually becomes a Montanist and died outside the Catholic Church.

*Clement of Alexandria- Christ the Educator- Clement was head of the famous Christian catechetical school of Alexandria in the late second century. In this excerpt, he advises Christian on the appropriate dress and behavior for both men and women.


For the second response:

*Origen- Excerpts from Dialogue with Hercalides and Commentary on John- Origen was the most brilliant thinker and writer in early church. He was born around 180 in Alexandria. He became the head of Christian school in Alexandria at the beginning of the third century when he was just 18 years old.  ((ignore the subtitles when making your analysis and draw you own conclusion as to the subject matter and content. For example, the subtitle "Trinity" is misleading. The Trinity is not subject in the excerpt. 


For the third response: 

* Life of Anthony- Athanasius the Great was a bishop of Alexandria in the middle of the fourth century. Among his writings is a famous, "Life of Anthony", which was basically a best seller among the fourth century Christians. Anthony lived in the late third century and had gone out to the desert of Egypt away from distractions of the world to devote his life to God. Anthony lived a life of prayer and was often attacked by demonic spirits trying to dissuade him from his task and devotion to God.



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