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Answers for each questions should be at least 3 paragraphs. 1. Define response and recovery and provide three examples of activities that occur during each of these two phases. 2. Kate, Haas, and Bowden provided one of the first definitions for recovery in the academic literature in 1977. How did they characterize recovery, and has that definition remained current today? Defend your answer with examples of how it has or how it has not remained current. 3. Does the recovery stage in the disaster life cycle focus solely on the reconstruction of the built structure? If yes, explain your answer and use examples to bolster your argument. If not, what are other areas of focus in the recovery effort, use examples to explain how these areas are important. 4. Name 3 socially vulnerable populations in disasters. Explain and give examples of how each of these populations experience vulnerabilities in both the response and recovery stages of the disaster life cycle. 5. Sustainable development directly affects vulnerability. Explain how it affects the vulnerability of populations and given an example of a previous disaster and how the vulnerability of a population could have been increased or decreased with sustainable development. 6. Trainer and Bolin identified 5 constraints on the family during recovery. Identify 3 of the 5 constraints, given examples of how they might affect the family in recovery, and how do they relate and impact one another. 7. There are two types of recovery, long-term and short-term recovery. Identify what these stages are, their characteristics, how they differ from one another, and offer examples of each stage from real world disasters. 8. Define sustainable development. What are the three components in sustainable development? Is it important to take into account the model for sustainable development when planning for a sustainable recovery? Why or why not? Provide examples to back up your position.


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