Project #159496 - Overview and Theory of Entrepreneurship

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/14/2016 12:00 am

This assignment is the development of an executive summary in which you will communicate your own personal theory of entrepreneurship based on the information you have learned in class. An executive summary is also to be developed to highlight the most important information from a number of earlier assignments. Your executive summary will serve as the overview of the content in the course project.

    • Discuss the importance of the entrepreneur’s personality traits and characteristics to the success of the operation.

    • Identify the characteristics you believe are most important to success and why you believe these characteristics are critical for success.

    • In your opinion, what skill sets and/or previous experiences must be present in order to realistically consider small business ownership and development of a food service concept?

    • Explain why you believe skills and/or prior experiences to be critical. Include your thoughts on the pros and cons of small business ownership and include your opinion on primary risks and rewards.

    • In your final paragraph, explain your thoughts on why small businesses fail.

  • List the steps that could be taken to reduce the risk of business failure.

Write a 500–750-word essay in Word format. Format your assignment according to MLA guidelines.


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