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The assignment of the course is based on the emergence of multiple platforms to carry programming as well as Web 2.0 interactive user-generated social content such as what is found on YouTube and Facebook. As you know from the newcast assignments, these platforms include: conventional television, mobile phones, tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire, the Internet, and MP3 players such as the iPod. You have learned that broadcast network series such as Lost on ABC are available online, but short features based on such shows are available for the Internet and mobile phones. You also have learned that it is possible to buy and/or download network shows and films onto mobile devices from iTunes and from Netflix. 

As you know, the essence of Web 2.0 is user-generated material such as YouTube and similar sites that also include social features.  Social media include such examples as Facebook, Twitter, and PinterestAs a matter of fact, Facebook is one of the busiest video sites. At the same time, marketers are interested in more professional appearing Web video. Your assignment is to identify two (2) programming series or shows that are designed to run on one or more of these platforms or screens and to include ways of promoting your series, preferably methods that use the same platforms, including search engines such as Google and advertising via videogames, known as advergames. Alternatively, you may pitch your own idea for one or both series. 

You may look up Web series on sites such Paste Magazine’s 10 Best Web series of 2015

In addition to identifying the program, you have to discuss the likely demographic target such as young men/women, parents, Baby Boomers, Generation X (mid-30s to late-40s), Generation Y  or Millennials (19 to 34) and/or lifestyle segments such as ravers, foodies, fitness folks, surfers, environmentalists. Don’t restrict yourself to conventional scripted material. You can use as your models reality, unscripted, or improvised  shows such as , Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle) or Sports Jeopardy! (Crackle), etc. You will be evaluated on how creative your concept is as well on how you apply what you have learned about programming, promotion, and business models in class discussion, reading and the Newscast assignment. You have to give convincing reasons for the choices in developing the program concepts.

You need to accompany your proposed series with two articles on new platforms or business ventures or users and one on advertising/promotion in this new media environment and do a two-paragraph summary of each article, which will be part of your presentation. You may find the articles from Web sites such as the L.A. Times’, TV Week (, the Hollywood Reporter (, and, and article databases such as Lexis Nexis and Proquest Newstand. You have to present your assignment to the class in a brief PowerPoint presentation lasting no longer than four minutes, using PowerPoint or similar software for this purpose.  I’ll allow teams of two or three students. For each additional student add one more series and two articles.  You are encouraged but not required to include a short video clip to illustrate some of your points.

To summarize:  If presenting as a single individual, you will present a six-minute PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Docs presentation of two web series, real or imagined, and that includes paragraph-long summaries of three articles. 


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