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Assignment: Plan and then write a 600-700 word paper that focuses on EITHER Ancient Sumer (in the geographic area called Mesopotamia) OR Ancient Egypt.

TOPIC: Imagine that you are a fantasy traveler, and you decide to go to either Ancient Sumer or Ancient Egypt. You plan to take some selfies during your trip to illustrate a post to your travel blog. SO choose either Sumer or Egypt, and write a well organized, well structured post (paper) about the 3 main, major, most important or most significant things you learned about the culture. That is, what 3 things would you choose that are the most significant cultural accomplishments, or that are most essential "Ancient Sumer," or "Ancient Egypt" for friends back home who don't know anything about those cultures.

Choose 3 different topics from the list. (Do not use the same topic for all three.) Include an image of each one, with a brief caption under it identifying what it is. (If you are good at Photoshop, for fun put yourself in the image!] For example, for Egypt three different topics could be: hieroglyphs (writing is a technology); the Great Pyramids at Giza, and the explanation in Egyptian mythology of the nature of life and death.

In the explanation: what it is. why or who or what is so significant about it, what lasting value it has in that culture, or in history. Don't just describe what it looks like. Include a description, but the explanation of the value or importance to the culture is the important thing here.


For a caption: Identify what the image is (its title or what it is), who made it and when, where in the world it is located.


In you reference list at the end of your paper, identify where you found the image. See p 13 of the APA handout for explanaton of how to write a reference source for an image.

Choose 3:
an artifact (object) or a relic
a historic person
an innovation specific to the culture
technology (an object or process used to make something else)
a work of art of some kind (painting, drawing, sculpture, work of literature)
a work of architecture
a significant deity or story in the mythology of the culture

(1) DO NOT just copy and paste; that will not earn your a good grade.
(2) Provide a citation for every single paraphrase and quotation in quotation marks that you take from any outside source, including class materials.


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