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The Cultural Legacy of Greece and Rome

Assignment: Plan and then write a 600-700 word paper that focuses on EITHER Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

TOPIC: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, which flourished at about the same time in history between 700 BCE and 400 CE, were not only near each other along the northern edge of the Mediterranean, but knew each other and learned from each other -- although Rome admired Greece than the other way around. But together, the two are known in history as "the Classical Cultures," because their knowledge, ideas, and accomplishments became the basis of Western Civilization itself.

There are 5 choices in the list. Choose the 3 different topics that are most interesting to you (not three things about the same topic), and write an explanation of each. Please do not just write a physical description, but a clear explanation of what it meant to the people of Greece, or of Rome. That is, how is it a major, significant, culturally and historically expression or accomplishment or illustration of the identifying qualities of the culture.


Please do not just list each one and write a paragraph. Treat the topics as an explanation of 3 interesting things about the culture.

Include an image for each choice, and write a caption for each: title or name, who made it and when, where it is in Greece, or in Rome, and the link to the website page you found it on. Use TinyURL to make long URLs short.)

Choose 3:
a major historical figure (an actual person)
a major architectural accomplishment
a major cultural innovation forever associated with the culture
a major accomplishment in the arts (painting, sculpture, literature, science)
a major historical event or a major social change forever associated with the culture


(1) DO NOT just copy and paste; that will not earn you a good grade.

(2) Provide a citation for every single paraphrase and quotation in quotation marks that you take from any outside source, including class materials.


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