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Part Two:  Scan the titles of the articles in the “Issues Facing Education” (in the "Supplemental Reading" list)  in Week 1 Lesson. Choose one of the articles/essays from this list to discuss and briefly summarize it in the forum. Then discuss the main point of the article and explain to the class why you chose that particular article. Does this article discuss an issue that relates to your life in some way? What else do you have to say about the article? Finally, let the class know if you believe this article to be useful in a formal research essay and explain why. 

In your response, cite the essay at least once using an in-text citation. (See this link for a good example of how to cite an article inside of an essay: Also, create a works cited citation for the essay. (Hint: The citation is already done for you in the "Supplemental Reading List." Replicate the listing in your post.) This should be in MLA style.

Respond to students who chose articles different than your post and offer critical responses to their interpretation. This means you could, for example, ask probing questions on their conclusions, or perhaps agree or disagree with their understanding of the article.


From the Supplemental reading list

Mendenhall, Robert W. "How Technology Can Improve Online Learning." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 00095982 (2011). ProQuest Research Library. Web. 7 Dec. 2011. 

Below is the complete article.


(Copyright Nov. 06, 2011 by The Chronicle of Higher Education)


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