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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/09/2016 04:00 pm

Cannot be any later than 4pm! 

Complete both parts A and B.

Target length for each answer is 400 words (1200 total for the exam).  If your essays exceed this length, edit out material extraneous to your main points, and edit your writing so that it is focused and succinct.  If your essays are too brief, be sure that you have sufficiently developed and supported your points. 



Part A: Answer two of the questions below:


1.     Alison Jaggar identifies five ways that traditional ethics devalues women as moral subjects or is male-centered  Choose two of these ways, and provide examples that illustrate how traditional ethics neglects women in the two ways you’ve selected. Then identify one or more feminist approaches to ethics that address each of these oversights, and explain how these approaches do so.

2.     “Feminist legal philosophy is an effort to examine and reformulate legal doctrine to overcome entrenched bias and enforced inequality of the past as it structures human concepts and institutions for the future.”  Identify and summarize two ways, in particular, in which feminist philosophy of law is pursuing what the authors of this entry claim in this excerpt from their conclusion.

3.     “Problematically for feminists, the opposition between mind and body has also been correlated with an opposition between male and female, with the female regarded as enmeshed in her bodily existence in a way that makes attainment of rationality questionable.”  Identify and describe two ways that feminist philosophies of embodiment are seriously challenging the idea that women are limited intellectually or mentally by their bodies.

4.     Identify and summarize two ways that feminist philosophers are challenging the philosophical canon.   Provide examples and illustrations of each of these projects, and explain how they may change how we study the history of philosophy.



Part B: Answer the question below:


1.     Read “How white supremacist hatred drives acts of violence against powerful women,” by Soraya Chemaly  Chemaly argues that, while we focus on the racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism of white supremacists, the misogyny of these extremists is often overlooked. What is the ideological basis of white supremacist misogyny, according to Chemaly? What should feminist activists and scholars do in light of the violence directed at powerful women by white supremacists?


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