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All charts should be incorporated into your paper or attached if hand drawn


Determine the amount of net operating income that would result for a hospital whose payer mix and expected volume (100 cases) is as follows:

30 Medicare cases


pay $2,000 per case


30 Blue Cross Blue Shield cases


pay $2,200 per case


20 commercial cases


pay 100 percent of charges


10 Medicaid cases


pay average cost


8 self-pay cases


pay 100 percent of charges


2 charity cases


pay nothing


Average cost per case is expected to be $2,200, and the average charge per case is $2,500


I should see the following:  (show your work)       (45 points)


A total for gross patient revenue – read this question carefully


A total for deductions for gross patient revenue – read this question carefully


     Net patient revenue


Total expenses


Excess of revenue over expenses      



1.     Calculate gross patient revenue, deductions from gross patient revenue, net patient revenue, total expenses, and excess of revenues over expenses above.

2.     Define revenue  (5 pts)

3.      Define fee for service, discounted fee for service, charity services, and payment before service is delivered.  ( all written assignments must be in APA format)    (15 pts)


Time Value of Money  (TVM)


Calculate the Future Value of $1 in each of these 3 projects    (15 pts)





Calculate the Present Value of each of the Projects below:       (15 pts)


Future value and present value concepts are extremely important to the role of financial management and impact cash flow.  The response and discussion activities for this objective may require research on the topic of time value in finance.


Explain the role of time value in finance and evaluate the impact it has in financial management.  Define TVM    (15 pts)










Income Statement Preparation:  ( 30 pts)


Prepare an Income Statement, in proper format, for 2015 for Johnson Medical Supplies (JMS) from the following information:

·       Salaries                          $70,000

·       Insurance                            $700

·       Utilities                           $3,500

·       Gas/Auto                         $5,750

·       Office Supplies               $7,250

·       Revenue                      $175,000

·       Rent                              $12,000

·       Maintenance                  $50,000


Calculate, define, and discuss the operating expenses, operating profit, and profit percentage.  Discuss what an income statement is.

(20 pts)


Did JMS have a good year? Why/Why not?   (10 pts)

Industry average?



Complete the ratios listed based on the following Income Statement and Balance Sheet.


3.5 pts each or 38.5 pts in total


ABC Company Income Statement


Last Year


Quick Ratio










Current Ratio


Cost of Goods Sold







Gross Profit






Accounts Receivable Turnover




Operating Expenses


Inventory Turnover


   Selling Expenses





   Administrative Expenses




Net Profit on Sales


       Total Operating Expenses








Gross Profit Margin


Operating Income







   Interest Expense






Return on Assets




Net Income before Taxes






Return on Equity


   Income Tax Expense








Working Capital


Net Income after Taxes








Debt to Equity




ABC Company Balance Sheet


Times Interest Earned


Current Assets









   Accounts Receivable













Total Current Assets






Non-Current Assets


   Machinery & Equipment






   Furniture & Fixtures






   Transportation Equipment






   Accumulated Depreciation






Total Non-Current Assets






Total Assets






Current Liabilities


   Accounts Payable






   Notes Payable






   Wages Payable






Current Liabilities






Non-Current Liabilities


   Long-Term Notes






Total Liabilities






Stockholders' Equity


   Retained Earnings






   Common Stock






Total Equity






Total Liabilities & Equity












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