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Moral Courage

As a health care administrator, you will be accountable to many people, including employees, patients and their families, the executive board, and the agencies that monitor the organization’s behavior. There may be times when your obligations conflict with each other. What is the best way to approach these conflicts? How can you be sure that you are serving the needs of both patients and the organizations for which you work, while exhibiting professionalism and moral courage?

For this Assignment, you will reflect on your responsibilities as a health care administrator and examine the importance of moral courage in performing well in that role.

To Prepare for this Assignment:

Take the ACHE Ethics Self-Assessment (see your Learning Resources). Review your scores. Consider what these results tell you about your ability to effectively work with ethical and professional challenges in your role as a health care administrator. Think about what these results say about your ability to exhibit moral courage in the face of these challenges.

The Assignment

Write a 2-page Op-Ed piece to be published in a newspaper about what you think moral courage means in your role as a health care administrator. (Review the Learning Resources this week that provide information about how to write an effective Op-Ed piece.)

Include the following in your Op-Ed:

  • The importance of an administrator to exhibit moral courage
  • The effects on others in an organization if an administrator models ethical and legal behavior or, on the contrary, illegal or unethical behavior

Learning Resources

Note: Most journal articles for this course are available online through the Walden Library databases, unless linked directly in the classroom. The Course Readings List contains all of the required Walden Library resources for this course. Please click on the following link to access the applicable list for this course:



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