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Please respond to the following; 

Do you think education would be better if it were privatized in the United States? What are the benefits of education being privatized? What are the drawbacks? What are the benefits of public education? What are the drawbacks? Would you, personally, prefer to send your kids to a public or a private school? What are your reasons for this choice?


You will have to do just the replay posts

just say if you agree or not and why


post1: William Villanueva

Do I think education would be better if it were privatized in the United States? Yes, I must admit education wouldmore than likey become better if it was privitized however, what about the children who dont have the luxory have having parents who can afford and are willing to send them to a private school? If all education was privitized then what happens to public schools? They would have to be shut down. This will cause many emplyees of schools lose their jobs and since teachers don't have a good salary in the first placebmany of their families will fall into poverty. These families along with the ones who cant afford private school will all become stuck in poverty. This leads to our literacy rates going down, number of homeless people increasing, and the crime rate increasing immensely. So do I think education would be better if it were privatized in the United States? No. The cost of improving education this way is far to high and could lead to the downfall of our country which right now is on the opposite path as our president elect would say " Make America great again" (Donald Trump). Public schools are good for the children that come form low income families because the can provide general information that could help them to further their education later in their life. However, public education does in fact hold back children that cleary more intelligent than others. In the end I would rather send my child to a public school so that they can learn both side spectrum like I did. You never know they could be the next president one day and it would be nice to have a president that could relate to the poor and the wealthy.



I personally do not see a need for education to be privatized in the United States. I attended a private university for my first two years of college and I can honestly say that I do not see a difference between a private university and a public university. I don’t see many benefits of private education besides the fact that the money collected from tuition could be used for the greater good of the community. What is unfortunate about privatized education is that it can be very expensive, because of this many people may not be able to afford it. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be a price tag on education. There is a popular phrase that I’ve seen many times on social media, “What if the cure for cancer is stuck in the mind of someone who cannot afford an education?” I think that it is almost self-explanatory that it is in the greater interest of the public for education to be public and available to everyone because we would be able to discover so many new things and hopefully cures for current terminal diseases.

I attended a public high school in Connecticut which at one point was one of the top five in the state, there are a handful of students I graduated with who now attend ivy league schools. I don’t think a school being private or public determines if it is the better choice or not. For my kids, I would have to do my research, there could be an amazing public school with great opportunities and classes or there could be a private school with the same benefits. I doesn’t matter to me whether a school is private or not, what matters is the education they have to offer.


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