Project #159766 - Intro to Asian Cinema : how 2 film elements contribute to and convey the shared theme in chosen two films

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The Assignmenr : Choose two films you’ve watched this quarter that share a similar theme.  Since films often have several possible themes, you will have to decide which theme or message your two films have in common. The 2 movies you choose can be from the same week OR from different weeks; they can be from the same country or different countries. It’s up to you.

Write an essay (approx. 1200 words, or 3 ½ - 4 double-spaced pages) that analyzes how 2 film elements* contribute to and convey the shared theme in these 2 films.

Movie choices :

  1. Salaam Bombay and Slumdog Millionaire ( focus on the reality of the poor in India ) 
  2. Baran (2001) by Majid Majidi and Princess Mononoke = empathy is one of the main themese, despise the big difference of these movies they show a great example of how can one change and the sense of putting someone else's priority rathen than his. Also in both of these movies our complex male characters fall in love with the mysterious girl and is willing to do anything for her. 

On this project, the writer would have to watch the movies to give specific examples and etc. Please hep me! I would gladly give you film terminology guideliness and other useful resourser. 



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