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I value quality work and correctly referenced APA 6th edition citing.  It is important you read the assignment clearly and not just skim through it.  Everything mentioned in the assignment needs to be addressed in the paper.   In text referencing is crucial, anything that is read from an article, even when rephrased is to be cited.  I have added the rubric here below as well.  Thank you for your help and time!!!


Here is the assignment:  


Analysis Homework



A. Read about ORAC values!

B. Learn highlighted terms (will assist with ease of understanding the text and


2. List all fruits and vegetables that you consume weekly.

A. Categorize the fruits and vegetables into 6 different hues(the outside color of

the produce):



Here are the fruits and veggies I eat on a weekly basis:  


Red:  Red bell pepper, tomatoe, strawberries, watermelon

Orange:  Carrot, pumpkin, turmeric (it's a root but good to mention its root yet put in the assignment as it has beneficial antioxidant properties.)

Yellow:  Yellow bell pepper

Green: Kale, lettuce, cucumber

Blue/Purple:  blueberries, raspberries, purple onion

White: Garlic, onion, nuts- cashews and almonds (although they are nuts they are grown on a tree and can be added)



B. Look up 1 fruit and vegetable from each hue group (blue and purple in same



Choose the fruit or veggie above for each color that has the most beneficial antioxidant property... 


C. Use our EU Online library to compile a list of disease states (3 at minimum) the above antioxidants may assist in preventing or improving. You're to express how and why the above antioxidants (at least six) assist in the prevention or resolution of the diseases you list.


So the 3 disease states I was thinking could be 1.  neonatal abnormalities, 2.  gestational diabetes and 3.  pre-eclampsia... 

D. I will explain how to access the library once the assignment is given.

Go to LIRN. I suggest the ProQuest database, but there are others. 


3. List the hues that you are deficient in.

A. If you're not deficient in any,evaluate your serving sizes or frequency of their


B. Is your intake of that hue adequate or not?

C. Why? You may use any guideline to compare your intake (ie USDA Food Guide

Pyramid, a holistic guide, anything. Just make sure that you list it as a resource).

4. Write out a detailed plan (minimum of 5 sentences)of how you may incorporate the "deficient" fruits and/or vegetables into your day. If you have no deficiency, write out a plan on how you could improve your antioxidant intake further.

In your plan, include:

A. What the fruit(s) or vegetable(s) they may be.

B. How you will prepare it (one example that comes to mind is 'golden milk' using almond milk, ginger, turmeric and a hint of black pepper to make the proteries further absorbed)

C. And anything else related to your plan…


This should take 2-3 pages to complete. Be sure to follow APA guidelines which include Times New Roman, 12 Font, Double-spaced, 1-inch margins, etc. You may use a table to organize the foods you consume by color, and their properties. Pictures do not count in content.



Again, in-text citing and References are to be in APA format.


The assignment is worth 100 points.


Grading Ruberic:


50% Completeness of answers to questions &requirements above
20% Clarity, originality of thought, spelling & grammar
20% Library assignment
10 % APA format and grammar
 including in-text citing and Reference page


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