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Effective personal selling is about shaping (some call it manipulating) Consumer Behavior. Knowing what individual variables a consumer possesses can help a sales person tailor their pitch or approach. For this assignment, you need to watch one hour of a network selling channel (QVC or Home Shopping Network) or watch at least an hour-long infomercial. Note which individual influences that the host targets in their pitch process. Do they use self concept, how the consumer would feel or how the consumer would look at among their peers?(to name a few) There is a plethora of ways that these “hosts” sell products. Look for those individual difference variables that are unique to the individual and those that influence behavior. These variables include:

  1. personality
  2. self-concept
  3. psychographics
  4. involvement
  5. motivation
  6. beliefs and attitudes
  7. perception
  8. learning

Personality can be thought of as those thoughts, feelings, traits, emotions, and characteristics that identify us as individuals. Self-concept, while an elusive concept, essentially describes all of the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves. Psychographics attempts to understand consumers based on their lifestyle, i.e., how they live, work, and play. Psychographics also examines an individual's attitudes, opinions, and interests. Level of involvement can have a dramatic impact on consumer behavior. Essentially, this concept deals with the relative importance of a product, service, or decision from the perspective of the individual consumer. As the importance (involvement) increases, consumers tend to be more deliberate and careful in the decision-making process. Motivation is the driver of action.  How a person manipulates perception can be applied through the perception process (do they physically show how the product is sensed and do they demonstrate use situations for interpretation and storage in a consumer's memory).  Last, what type of learning techniques might the host use (classical or operant/instrumental) to give the consumer their marketing message?

Consumers are motivated to act by internal or external stimuli. Typically, these actions are directed at satisfying unfulfilled needs. There is a very strong linkage or relationship among attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. An attitude is a predisposition to react to a stimulus in a consistent manner. In other words, if we are favorably disposed to a product, we are likely to react in a positive way to anything related to that product. Marketers are very interested in attitudes and beliefs because they are highly correlated with behavior in the marketplace. Brand loyalty is one indication of a strong positive attitude in a consumer about a particular brand.

It is important to note that while these factors deal with individual behavior, marketers attempt to group consumers who share the same profile into segments that are large enough to be targeted.



  • Watch one hour of a network selling channel (QVC or Home Shopping Network) or watch at least an hour-long infomercial. 
  • Identify the individual difference variables that influenced/shaped the hosts pitch.
  • Identify (using headings) five of the seven factors discussed above that you believe apply. 
  • Based on your knowledge of the behavior of other consumers, discuss the individual difference factors that affected their sales approach giving examples of concepts that we've learned under each appropriate heading
    • (ex. discuss repetition of message under the heading LEARNING when talking about classical conditioning). 
    • Other considerations to discuss under each individual characteristic heading would be how personal sellers use information regarding individual differences to form segments?
  • In your conclusion argue if the personal seller used techniques to show/understanding differing consumer segments for using the product. 
    • Also in your conclusion rate the effectiveness of the host (1- not at all effective, through 10- extremely effective), explain the rating. 




Here are the headings you are required to utilize in the paper:

  • Introduction (explain where, who the host was by name, what time you watched and how you watched, what was the brand/product)
  • Individual Characteristics (choose only five, don't include all and give each a heading of it's own)
  1. personality
  2. self-concept
  3. psychographics
  4. involvement
  5. motivation
  6. beliefs and attitudes
  7. perception
  8. learning
  • Conclusion


Submission Requirements

Your assignment must be submitted as follows:

  1. Typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, with margins no wider than one inch
  2. Between three and four pages in length
  3. APA
  4. Use required headings
  5. Keep text analysis in the business tradition of a 3rd person voice (no I, me or my, etc).





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