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i have to do a presentation about this brand KUSMI tea.

and this is all the infromation about the company 

Kusmi Tea SAS produces and sells tea blends worldwide. It offers white, green, black, semi- fermented, smoked, flavored and perfumed, and red tea. The company also offers accessories, such as teapots, cups and mugs, and kettle and infusers; and gifts and assortments, which include mini- tins, teabags, shopping bags, and tea sets. It offers its products through its stores in France, the United States, and Canada. The company was founded in 1867 and is based in Paris, France.


and here is the main objective of the presentation:

Owing to a strong increase in international trade, you have just been appointed, International Trade Strategy Manager, by the CEO Sylvain Orebi. As first task, you are to provide a strategy "to hit the Australian Market. "

i need someone to do it in professional way and with all the analysis and prefect stucture.


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