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Purpose/Description: Learn to identify and describe the critical aspects of an international business through SWOT analysis.  Understand how to find and use of at least 5 library sources to research the proposed business area and market. 

Write a short paper that describes what you have identified so far about your business.  Use the SWOT analysis four quadrant chart and describe each area identified in one or two sentences and what the implications are for your venture. The total 2-3 page paper will give you a good foundation for thinking about their business.  This will be inserted into the class project business proposal template and updated as needed. Steps involved:

  • Choose an existing regional business or create one
  • Identify at least 5 sources for your information.  Create citations for references section.  Put these into your template.
  • Create the 4 quadrant SWOT analysis and insert into template
  • Write at least 2-3 pages describing each SWOT area.  Insert into template

Tip:  Use for correct APA citations. 

You will not be able to use internet websites for all of their sources.  Some sources must come from journals, articles, books, etc.

Submission Instructions:

Upload your template with the SWOT analysis, and references formatted using APA into blackboard.  For additional information on formatting in APA you can review the Purdue OWL APA Formatting Guide:


USE: identify 5 credible and scholarly sources (at least 3 must be something other than websites) that you can use for your international business research. Information you may want to include is the type of business you are proposing, the countries you are thinking about either expanding into or operating in, questions you have about finding the information for your SWOT analysis. THIS MAY HELP: PLEASE: In a separate file: 200 words... Based on your research this week, what are the most important things you need to consider when creating your international business? Why? How is this different from creating a regional business? You must site at least one source that you found from this week’s research work.


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