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Review the “CDC-TV” media piece from this week’s Learning Resources before beginning this Assignment.

CDC-TV is just one of the innovative ways that the CDC relays health and safety information to the community through Public Service Announcements (PSAs). They also use other valuable tools such as social media, brochures, and press releases to promote their health initiatives and keep the community informed of any pending health crises. This week, you will create promotional materials for one of the health initiatives that you selected in the Discussion.

To prepare for this Assignment, select one of the initiatives you used for your Discussion.  Citations and references are not required for this assignment. The initiative that you will talk about is the calforina health coverage intivatie that information is attach. It is the attachment to the project

The Assignment

  • For this Assignment, you will produce a PSA, brochure, press release, or other promotional material explaining your selected initiative to a stakeholder group.
  • Use substantive information and your own words when developing this assignment.

Learning Resoreces

his week's assigned Learning Resources.

Required Resources

Note: Most journal articles for this course are available online through the Walden Library databases, unless linked directly in the classroom. The Course Readings List contains all of the required Walden Library resources for this course. Please click on the following link to access the applicable list for this course:


The following resources have been provided to support your Discussion postings and Assignment. You may choose to expand your search beyond the examples provided to other federal, state, and private resources.






Optional Resources

Please proceed to the Discussion.



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