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I need someone to edit my paper, and do the following bellow, please view the paper and task before bidding. Thank You! ***must complete within 9-10 hrs from now. 10 pm eastern time..

1) Executive Summary (1 page)


o This is a standard inclusion for any reports prepared for a client. It is NOT a general introduction, but a concise summary of the final report, and it must include the main objectives of the project/report, brief findings, and key recommendations. It is helpful to write the Executive Summary last, when your teams knows the most important information it should contain.


o The purpose of the Executive Summary is to give busy executives the quick "punchline", so they know the major takeaways of the final report, and can then read the document for further details. In other words, DON’T be too vague! Be specific but concise.





2) Brief Background on Client Organization (1- 2 PAGES)




3)Action Steps & Implementation Plan (1 PAGE , ONLY DO THIS FOR ETHICS AND SUSTAINABILITY)

o Based on your recommended solutions for each ofETHICS AND SUSTAINABILITY, this is the section where you specify and elaborate on the next action steps that the client must take in order to successfully implement your recommended suggestions. Crucially, each action step should address WHAT needs to be done, as well as HOW and WHEN it should be implemented.


o Specify on both Short Term (immediate steps) and Longer Term (ex. 1 yr., 5 yrs., etc.) to insure a realistic and successful execution of implementation/action plan. It might be helpful for the client if you separate the Short- and Long-Term Plans using subheadings.


o The Action Plan can be presented in point form – one point for each action step. This will make it more user-friendly for the client to refer back to as a "roadmap" for how to implement the recommended changes.


 TIP: When creating the Action/Implementation Plan, recall the SMART Goal criteria (Specific, Measurable, Aggressive, Realistic, and Time-bound). Since you are essentially setting goals for your client to achieve, goals that are stated using this criteria are more likely to be realistic and have a better chance of being achieved. For instance, giving a time frame will help the client know exactly when they should aim to achieve some of these action steps.







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