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Activity Response Assignment #3

In the second quarter of the course, we have had multiple classroom activities and simulations. These include, but are not limited to the following in the first two weeks:

- Interest Group Activity – Collective action activity about lobbying.

- Isle of Ted – Cooperative island activity in a state of nature

- Balance of power activity – Forcing countries of different sizes and strengths to work together.

These activities were intended to help students understand class concepts about government and politics. In order to get the most out of the activities, it is important students relate them to what we learn in POLI 121. Therefore, the following assignment is due 11:59 PM on 4/29

Write a response of length two full pages (12 point font, double spaced, “normal” font) about one of these activities. In that response include the following:

1. What was the activity all about? What were the rules?

2. Describe what you, personally, did in the activity. Did you “win”? Did you get killed? What was the outcome?

3. How did the activity relate to the material we studied in class? Why do you think I assigned the class to do it?

4. What did you learn personally from the activity? 



“A” Paper

- Activity response addresses all four points in depth. In particular, student relates the class activity they are discussing to larger concepts discussed during lecture in a novel or insightful way. The student clearly grasps why they engaged in the activity and how their participation improved their understanding of the material. The paper fills up the vast majority of two pages.

“B” Paper

- Activity response addresses most points but places a greater emphasis on narrative and description of the student’s experience than the lessons learned. There is some discussion of what the student learned from his or her experience but not to the level of an “A” paper. The paper may instead be only a page and a half.

“C” Paper

- Activity response is almost purely narrative. It describes what happened and the student’s part in the activity but makes little effort to connect this with class material or reasons for engaging in the activity. The paper may be significantly less than two pages.

“D” Paper

- Activity response addresses little of the prompt beyond vaguely discussing the activity. Significant details may be omitted or incorrect. The paper may be a page or less.

“F” Paper

- Activity response shows little effort and was composed hastily without attempt to engage with the assignment.


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