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This is my last paper of the term. I need this paper to be very detailed and well oriented. I need the paper to be very thorough and supported by the 4 chapters we've read and other outside research. I need this to be an A plus paper. 



Purpose: For this assignment, you will write an interpretive/argumentative essay. Your interpretive essay must contain a thesis where you make a claim and then support that claim with specific examples from the assigned reading.

Assignment: Choose one of the questions below under Writing Task. Demonstrate, through a close reading of the text, what your interpretation is. Do not summarize and you must use Olaudah Equiano as the text.

Choose one of the following questions, formulate an answer which you express in a thesis statement, provide specific evidence from the text, and explain why and how those passages support your answer to the question. Your thesis must clearly state your point, and you should avoid citing long passages (If you must choose a long passage, the length of your paper has to compensate for it). Assume the reader is familiar with the text and do NOT summarize. Explain how the references in (your chosen reading) support your position.

Writing Task: (select one of the questions below). Be specific and use the text.

  1. Determine whether Equiano is heroic or not (define a hero and then determine whether he fits that definition). Be specific.
  2. How does Equiano use Christianity to free himself as a slave? Be specific.
  3. Like the other stories we have read, this story is also a journey. Why is this significant?
  4. What is Equiano's strongest argument against slavery (you must choose between humanity, Christianity, or economics). Be specific.
  5. How does Equiano engage with the idea of the "noble savage" from Montaigne?
  6. How does Equiano assert his own identity and distort how others perceive him?
  7. Does Equiano reaffirm gender roles or does he subvert them?
  8. Choose a theme or concept, and explore it throughout. Determine whether or not the author is conforming to societal views of the concept or straying away from it. Be specific and focus on the text.

For each question, you are expected to engage the text directly. According to the story, this is a true account written by Equiano about Equiano. 

You are not to use the Intentional Fallacy here, but think about a theme and what it means to you and why. Think about what the author is trying to convey (this is purpose, and not the Intentional Fallacy). Does he reaffirm ‘typical’ or ‘official’ societal views on the topic or is he or she laboring to trouble widely accepted definition(s)? Choose a topic you are particularly interested in, as you are going to have to compare your conceptions/attitudes toward the topic to the author’s. Remember to be specific about the general concept and make a claim.  

The Intentional Fallacy is proving what an author intended. There is no possible way to do this and it is irrelevant. For the purposes of reading a work, you should think about words an author uses and this is what I mean about what the author is trying to convey.

You do not need to do outside research for this assignment and I prefer you don't. You need to engage the material directly and focus on the text you have chosen to write about. Your response should be 750 words (approximately 3-4 pages). All papers that do not use the assigned reading will be given a zero. Do not summarize and be specific.

The essay must: Be typed, double spaced, and be 750 words bare minimum (roughly 3 pages with the correct formatting—write the word count on the essay). Follow MLA format: Margins 1 inch all the way around; Times New Roman font size 12; Double spaced; and a Header. Have an original title and a Works Cited page. For the Works Cited, you only have to include the primary text. You do not have to do outside research for this paper and it is not recommended. You are more than welcome to contextualize a text but try to avoid summary websites. If you use them, you have to cite them. Think about your audience. Will the source you use make you look authoritative or less so? All papers that do not use the assigned text will be given a zero. You must use a minimum of 2 scenes from the text. You may not block quote.

Review the Writing Materials page and Unit 4. You must submit your essay as requested through this assignment tab. 

Assessment Rubric:

Unity, Coherence, Development

Sufficiently narrow topic

Awareness of audience

Focused and organized essay with a clear and definable thesis

Steers away from a list or summary

Effective in-text citation: Include quotes from the readings that help your argument and format them correctly: When you include a quote, you need a signal phrase, the quote, and analysis, every time.

I expect papers to be submitted on time. I do not accept work via email (submit via Canvas Assignments, not email).


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