Project #159889 - TSCA Regulations for new chemicals

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/2016 12:00 am

As you are aware, TSCA regulates both new (not present in the TSCA list) and previously manufactured (present in the TSCA list) chemicals.

Write a 2 page summary (about a 500-word summary) on the following:    

  • How are the regulations any different for new and previously manufactured chemicals? Discuss the critical ones?  
  • How critical is the labeling activity in meeting the TSCA regulation and how is it complied with?  
  • Which are the critical TSCA regulations for new chemicals and why are the regulations for the new chemicals different from those for previously manufactured chemicals? 
  • What steps should you take as the Corporate Compliance and Safety Manager to address manufacture and storage of new chemicals such as to comply with all TSCA regulation?

Other Criteria: 

  • Papers must exhibit quality evidence from course content and from valid, external sources used in most or all locations throughout the paper.
  • Analysis, Evaluation, and Application skills will be measured throughout your paper.
  • APA formatting is required.


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