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Morrison, a suspected drug smuggler, is taken to a special airport search room, where he is subjected to a complete strip search, in which no illegal drugs were discovered anywhere on his body or in his clothes.  Morrison was then taken into a supervisor's office, where an official United States customs inspector talked to him while his luggage was being re-examined.  At no time was Morrison told of his constitutional rights.  During the session with the inspector, Morrison confessed to having illegal drugs hidden in his coat he was wearing.  Morrison was charged with several drug trafficking offenses.  At trial, the prosecution wishes to introduce into evidence the confession and the illegal drugs seized at the scene.  Morrison's attorney makes a motion to suppress the confession and the drugs.  As the Judge hearing the case, would you grant or deny the motion to suppress the confession and drugs? 




Defendant Mary Wright’s child was playing outside when he came inside and told the defendant that a man attempted to pull him off his bicycle and drag him away.  A few minutes later, Mr. Wesler, a neighbor, appeared at the door of Ms. Wright’s house and claimed, “I didn’t touch the kid, I didn’t touch the kid.”  As Mr. Wesler was leaving, Ms. Wright’s landlord approached Ms. Wright and told her that Mr. Wesler had previously tried to molest a young boy who lived down the street and that Mr. Wesler previously had been committed to a hospital for the mentally ill.  Ms. Wright called the police but was told to wait until Monday since it was late on a Friday evening.  That night, Ms. Wright’s boyfriend, Mr. Mitchell, stayed at the Wright’s home.  During the night, unknown to Ms. Wright, Mr. Mitchell went to Mr. Wesler’s with a baseball bat.  Mr. Wesler told him that they should go back to the Wright’s and discuss the matter like adults.  When they arrived at the Wright house, Mr. Mitchell remained outside as Mr. Wesler went inside.  When Ms. Wright saw Mr. Wesler enter the house she frantically began looking for Mr. Mitchell.  With no where to go, she tried to get past Mr. Wesler, but he stood in the hallway blocking her path in a menacing manner.  Ms. Wright pulled out a gun and shot and killed Mr. Wesler.  Ms. Wright has been charged with murder and she claims self defense.  As a judge deciding the issue, should the defense of self-defense apply in this case?  Why or why not? 


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