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Professional Resume and Cover Letter


Review the Resume Gallery in Chapter 15. Using correct format, prepare a customized resume and an effective cover letter and submit it along with a job advertisement that you find online, in a newspaper, or on a job board within your own company. Copy and paste the ad on a separate page in a Word document or scan and upload the actual ad. Please do not submit a url. The resume can be fictitious, but it must be believable and in your name. Omit any header information (e.g. MGMT 254) and assignment instructions; these documents are to be written as if you are actually submitting them.


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Business Communication: Process and Product Pages 568 & 574 will show the formats for the resume and cover letter. Thank you!

Work Cited: Guffey, Mary Ellen, and Loewy Dana. Business Communications: Process & Product. 8th ed., Cengage Learning, 2015. Print.


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