Project #159895 - Logistics planning

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/2016 12:00 am

  1. Differentiate between mechanized, semi-automated, automated, and information-directed handling systems.
  2. Explain the roles and differences between consumer and industrial focused packaging.
  3. Describe how the changes in transportation security since 9/11 have impacted global sourcing.
  4. Discuss the logistics considerations for operating in global supply chain.
  5. Identify controllable and uncontrollable factors of global sourcing of an aviation or aerospace firm and apply a strategy to manage their global supply chain. [Provide a two-page minimum for your Item 5 response.]

Paper Requirements

The response to each essay item should not exceed one (1) page except for item 5 that has a 2-page requirement (6 pages in total for the assignment) using double-line spacing and 1-in. page margins throughout. The writing should be free of spelling and grammar errors, and comply with the current APA style guidelines for citations and references.


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