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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/10/2016 04:38 pm

This is a research paper that needs some clearing up.  I need a fluent english speaker, that is interested in fine details, preferrably someone with English as their mother tongue.  

Here I am attaching two versions of a research paper that was done incorrectly. The referencing and research done does not match up properly and I am unsure if the information is even right.  For example in the abstract the first sentence, is cited as Betran et al. and the article Betran et al. writes is on c-section, which is not about midwifery history which the first sentence is about.  Also it says midwifery has been around since the 20th century. In reality midwifery has been around since before Jesus' birth and Mary herself gave birth to Jesus with a midwife.

I hope some one can help that is genuinly interested in the details, fluent in English and has time to do this asap.  The idea is to promote midwifery care and the training of native midwives in the developing world.   


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