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Ø  You are the Customer Service Manager at Godak and you have received a letter and a returned camera from Brian P. Coyle.  Coyle, a 27-year-old Orlando resident, wants Godak to foot the bill for a repeat round-the-world trip because his Vantix camera malfunctioned!  As soon as you saw the letter and the returned camera, you knew what was wrong.  Of the 2 million Vantix cameras made by Godak, 20,000 had malfunctioned because a supplier had squirted too much oil in the shutter mechanism.


The whole batch of cameras had been recalled. In fact, Godak spent almost $1 million to remove these cameras from store shelves.  Godak also contacted all customers who could be reached.  In addition to the giant recall, the company quickly redesigned the cameras so that they would work even if they had excess oil.  Somehow, Coyle was not notified of the recall.  When you checked the warranty files, you learned that this customer had not returned his warranty.  Had the customer done so, he would have been notified in June 2016, well before his trip.


Although you are sorry for the mishap, you think that a request for $20,000 to replace “lost memories” is preposterous.  Godak has never assumed any responsibility beyond replacing a camera.  This customer, however, seems to have suffered more than a routine loss of photographs.  Therefore, you decide to sweeten the deal by replacing the damaged camera and also throwing in a free Godak digital camera (worth $250) as well as a free 16GB memory card (worth $80). 


Ø  As the Customer Service Manager at Godak, you are required to write an email that refuses the demand for $20,000 to finance another trip, but retains the customer’s goodwill.  Explain Godak’s position and tell the customer what Godak will do.  This tactful, well-organized, and clear refusal email should be addressed to:




1.     Review Chapter 9 of your BC textbook before starting this project.


2.     The email will come from you as the Customer Service Manager. Use your own name. Ensure that you have an effective SUBJECT line.


3.     Use single spacing, with double spacing between paragraphs. You may use bullets if necessary.


4.     While you may use selected words & brief phrases from the handout (above), please use your own words in general and do not copy complete sentences.


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